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Cindy Henkin brings her talent as a writer, storyteller, and actress to her narrating. Her intimate voice draws the listener in with a nuanced clarity while she seamlessly moves from portraying the spirit and intent of the characters to telling the story. She brings a bright intelligence and sizable artistic skill to all her projects. 

     ~ Dawn Arnold, Artistic Director, The Moving Dock Theatre Company

Cindy Henkin harnesses her imagination like an all-star athlete. She is agile, spontaneous, rigorous and puts in the labor to bring about remarkable moments of vitality, beauty and buoyant presence.

     ~ Patrizia Acerra, Executive Director, International Voices Project

Cindy Henkin is a very skilled performer. She has a quick understanding of the material, and is willing to experiment and play to find multiple layers of meaning. Her voice is clear and strong, with a twinkle and hint of mischievous humor when appropriate. Cindy can handle a range of material, from highly comic to soft and sentimental.  

     ~ John Bliss, Theatre Director & Faculty, NEIU Stage Center

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