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News and Updates

So, my husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in Sedona. Hiking in the mornings, sightseeing and shopping in the afternoons, dinners at sunset. It was only our second time away together without kids; the first being our honeymoon. (I’ve been told our overnight stay downtown before our son was born doesn’t count!) So it was a very special trip for us! We’re grateful for each other and the 25 years.

​Being back home means back in the booth:

  • This month I’ve upgraded my mastering software to IZOtope RX 10. RX10 has some new features that should allow me to do final editing a little faster.

  • I’m still working on shifting away from ACX, a platform where authors and narrators connect, to reaching out to authors individually. I’m struck by how much this reminds me of planting in my garden. The first year a plant might not look like it’s doing much, but is actually very busy putting down roots. The next year it grows taller, its foliage fuller, until finally, it blooms. I’m very much in the process of putting down roots, establishing my network. I’m enjoying talking to authors and sharing my work with them. It hasn’t led to a book yet, but I’m confident it will.

Happy October!

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