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August Adventures
 Today is National Book Lover's Day! 

Is there a good book you’re reading?

I'm currently listening to Maggie Shipstead’s Great Circle (narrated by fantastic Cassandra Campbell and Alex McKenna). It’s the story of a daredevil female aviator and the actor who plays her decades later.

Can’t imagine why that would appeal to me. ;)

I’m still in the hunt for a book of my own to narrate. I’m reaching out to authors now about potential books and that takes time. I’ve been having fun exploring different texts and trying some new things out.

And look what came in the mail! My Certificate of Graduation from the Sean Allen Pratt’s Nonfiction Narration Course. Sean’s known by his students as the ‘Ginger Yoda’ and my certificate came with this beautiful, hand-crafted cell phone holder. I’ll think of Sean now whenever I set my phone down. Not that I could forget. I’m daily employing what I learned.