News and Updates

Up and Running. . !

While my new vocal booth may have arrived before the holidays, my bass traps didn’t land on my doorstep until New Year’s Eve. Now, however, all the acoustic treatment has been installed–and the booth is up and running! If you need me, that’s where you can find me–in the booth cutting demos and auditions.

Meet Katerina

But I won’t be in the booth alone. Katerina has been keeping me company. Every booth needs a mascot and this little marionette is mine! My daughter brought her back for me from Prague, remembering my stories about the puppet shows I used to do with my grandmother when I was a kid. Katerina is a fierce little princess. She guards my booth when I’m not there and when I am, she’s right there with me, hanging onto every word.

I was able to go on twice in The Snow Queen before Omicron forced the early close of the run. It was so much fun to be back on stage! But I’m going to return to my underground bunker for now— at least until Omicron passes over. It’s very nice to have ‘a room of one’s own.’

All good things. . .