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High Moon Over the Amazon

is now available at Audible, Amazon and itunes!

In this prequel to For the Love of Lemurs, Patricia Chapple Wright takes us back to where it all began--not with a lemur, but an owl monkey. Ducking into a pet shop to avoid the rain, Pat ends up adopting the owl monkey she’ll name Herbie. And when books can’t explain Herbie’s often surprising behavior, Pat’s curiosity will lead this NYC social worker first to Costa Rica, then to the Amazon with her young daughter in her search for answers. 

I enjoyed narrating this one as much as the first! I was impressed once again by the role that serendipity often plays in science.Following the bread crumbs can really pay off! And the  impulses and intuition we have can lead us on the most amazing adventures.

Congrats to author Bryan W. Dull!
 Small Hearts was voted
the Readers' Favorite Silver Award
in Horror! 
So glad to have had the opportunity to narrate this book.