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This spring has found me looking backward as well as forward. I’ve been working on pulling on my family research into narratives, so that the history is more shareable. This led to a few unexpected side trips, including a visit to West Side Market in Cleveland where my grandfather used to shop and into Rosehill Cemetery, within walking distance of our house, to find the grave of one of my husband’s ancestors. I wish I could say narrating Glenway Westcott’s The Grandmothers inspired me, but it was my love for history (particularly family history) which drew me to The Grandmothers.

 In the Booth

  • Currently editing The Grandmothers, Glenway Wescott’s 1927 exploration of his rural Wisconsin roots. This fictional account of Westcott’s own post Civil War ancestors won the Harper Novel Prize in 1927. It’s been a challenge ‘going over the river and through the woods’ to Westcott’s grandmother’s house with the twisty, winding sentences in this nearly 106,000 word book—and a lot of fun!

  • As soon as I wrap on The Grandmothers, I’ll be in the market for my next book. If you have something for me, please let me knowWhen I’m not in the booth, I’ll be out enjoying the sunshine! 

Happy Spring!
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