News and Updates

My June is beginning with endings!

This past week my son, Sam, graduated (summa cum laude) from highschool. He also led his highschool’s League of Legends esports team to their first state championship. And my husband and I celebrated the end of our tenure as Chicago Public School system parents!

Shattered Globe’s scintillating production of Rasheeda Speaking also came to a close. Although I didn’t go on, I did perform with the other understudies for an invited audience. It was great fun to do this play with all the bells and whistles! I’m thankful to the cast and crew of Rasheeda Speaking for their generous support.

An actor’s job is to audition. I don’t know who first said it, but I’ve found it to be true. So, it’s back to the booth!


Fortunately, I enjoy the thrill of the chase.